Staying CyberSafe

Awareness remains one of the most effective methods of keeping your data, your computer, and even your IT systems safe. Each person has a duty to maintain an awareness of potential threats and safe practices while computing. Learn more about cyber security issues.

Online and In-person Training

The ITSO offers in-person IT Awareness Training sessions and online security awareness training through the SANS Securing the Human course.

Administrative Access for Endpoints and Servers

The University Computer Administrator Access Standard sets forth the conditions, acceptance, and remediation, if necessary, of administrator access and other access with elevated privileges on university owned systems. This standard applies to anyone using a machine, computer/laptop (Windows, Mac or Linux) supplied or owned by the university.


Phishing emails pose a serious threat to data security. Learn how to identify and protect yourself from fishing phishing emails.


Today’s malware is more than a nuisance. It poses a serious threat to the security of passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive data. Learn more about the malware threat.

Annual Password Changes Required

Passwords are used at Virginia Tech to give us access to information and systems that are part of our daily activities. Cyber criminals also find value in the same information and systems we access. Learn more about creating and protecting passwords.

3 Easy Steps

Keep your operating system, antivirus software, and firewall up to date.

Wireless Security

Wireless access is available almost everywhere. Learn to how to stay secure when using wireless devices.