Q. Why are cornflakes.iso.vt.edu ( - 2001:468:c80:212f:0:40f8:f124:1e24) and sentinel.vcu.edu ( connecting to my machine?

A. These hosts regularly scan large portions of the Virginia Tech IP space. The only information that is collected from these scans are IP addresses, certain open ports and date/time. This information is used by the IT Security Office to identify systems that are open and accessible over the intranet and the internet. This information is not shared outside of Virginia Tech.

Q. How do I configure my computer to use VT’s secure DNS servers?

A. Consult your operating system for specific steps to configure your network device(s) to use the following DNS servers. Click the appropriate link for instructions for these common operating systems: Windows, Ubuntu Linux, RedHat Linux, Mac.

Be sure to set both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers if both protocols are enabled:

  • - 2001:468:c80:6101:0:163:ffa5:554c
  • - 2001:468:c80:4101:0:185:da61:5c6c
  • - 2001:468:c80:2101:0:1e6:300f:251a

Next, open a web browser and navigate to https://dns-block-test.iso.vt.edu. If the webpage loads successfully, then secure DNS is correctly configured. Please note that only computers with a Virginia Tech IP address may use secure DNS.