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Endpoint Configuration Management


Configuration management is a process for maintaining computer systems, server and software in a certain desired state. It is a way to make sure a system performs as it is expected to as changes are made over time. It allows you to deploy apps, software updates and operating systems.


  • Provides a high-quality software product.
  • Provides a reliable, organized, cost effective and low risk software development application.
  • Enhances software development life cycle process.
  • Used for proper monitoring and auditing of software products.
  • Increases the productive efficiency of software as it controls and tracking the workflow.


  • Requires a highly configured desktop/laptop for the development stages.
  • Requires more resources to work the configuration management process for small industries.
  • Needs adequate resources with full knowledge about the software configuration management tools.

Recommended Configuration Management Tools:



To completely install BigFix Inventory on Windows OS requires installation of three components. The BigFix platform, BigFix Inventory server and MS SQL database. As well as BigFix Client must be installed on all computers you want to account for.

Steps for installing and configuring BigFix Inventory.

  1. Make sure that the computer you are installing BigFix Inventory on meets the following requirements.
  2. Install BigFix Platform, please follow each link in order to proceed.
  3. Install BigFix Inventory
  4. Create users and groups
  5. Set up scans to discover software and hardware inventory in your infrastructure. (This step is not required if you enable the default scan configuration during the installation)


If you have questions or information that is not covered in this procedure, please contact the Virginia Tech IT Security Office at for a consultation.