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Rights Management Services / Microsoft Information Protection

Microsoft Information Protection Services (MIP) was formerly known as the Windows Rights Management System or Active Directory Rights Management Services and is information protection technology that works with Office 365 applications and files to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized use. MIP uses encryption to provide a form of functional denial to limit access to documents to certain individuals and can block email forwarding based on an item’s Sensitivity Label. It is compatible with many Microsoft document formats and email. Other file formats can be protected using the Microsoft Azure Information Protection client.

Sensitivity Labels defining the data type and handling policies can be set for documents, allowing only certain individuals or groups to access, copy, edit, print, forward or delete them. Microsoft Information Protection is in compliance with the Virginia Tech Sensitive Data standards and is included in Virginia Tech’s Office 365 license.

More information on usage can be found in the Knowledge Base Article on Service-Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost for Microsoft Information Protection / Rights Management System?

Microsoft Information Protection is included in the Virginia Tech Office 365 license. More info can be found in the Microsoft 365 Sensitivity Labels Knowledge Base Article.