IT Security Lab

Virginia Tech Cyber Education

Virginia Tech is recognized as a quality cyber security education and research institution by Deborah Frincke, Deputy Director for Research, National Security Agency.

Silver Bullet Talks with Deborah Frincke (PDF | 1MB)
The Virginia Tech Information Technology Security Laboratory (ITSL) focuses on education and research in computer and network security. Faculty, staff, and students work cooperatively on a variety of projects to enhance the security of systems and networks. Co-located with the Information Technology Security Office (ITSO), the ITSL has the unique ability to leverage production data from university networks for research and testing. The ITSL also relies on the advanced computer and network infrastructure of Virginia Tech and, in a close partnership with Communication and Network Services (CNS), uses the enterprise network for verification of designs. Research projects in the ITSL are tested theoretically, through simulation and modeling, and practically, through the use of production data and networks.