How to build a custom, standalone Find_SSNs Windows executable specifically for your users.

  • Modify the Find_SSNs source code however you like. You may modify the source code with a text editor.
  • A Windows PC is required to build the Windows executable (32-bit Windows XP or Vista is ideal).
  • Python and wxPython and Python Windows Extensions should be installed, tested and working on the Windows PC.
  • Python should be in your path.
  • Use subversion to get PyInstaller trunk from SVN
  • From a cmd prompt, cd to the pyinstaller folder and run python (for our purposes, this step is only required once at install).
  • Place the modified Find_SSNs source code file into the pyinstaller folder.
  • Place a file.ico file in the pyinstaller folder.
  • From a cmd prompt, in the pyinstaller folder, run these two commands:

    python -F --icon=file.ico Find_SSNs.pyw
    python Find_SSNs/Find_SSNs.spec

    Now, there should be a folder within the pyinstaller folder named Find_SSNs. Your Windows executable will be located there. You may now distribute it.