The IT Security office offers customized vulnerability scanning for departments. Vulnerability scans are designed to identify potential vulnerabilities and security problems with operating systems, application software, and network configurations. A vulnerability scan can target a specific area of concern (example: web server configuration) or be a broad, exhaustive audit of the systems configuration. The vulnerability scan process is designed to assist system administrators in addressing potential security problems.

What to Expect

The IT Security office will schedule a time with you to scan your devices, as well as establish the scope of the scan. After the scan has been completed the security office will prepare a summary report outlining any major security concerns, as well as provide a complete copy of the vulnerability scan reports.

Request a Scan

Vulnerability scans can be requested through the Virginia Tech Service-Now Catalog.  Once submitted, an analyst with the Security Office will contact you to discuss the details of the scan.

Request Vulnerability Scan (Service-Now)