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Virginia Tech has a fairly open network that provides an excellent environment for students to leverage technology in their educational pursuits. As part of this technology environment, students play an important part in protecting sensitive information and computers.

What You Can Do

Computer viruses, phishing scams, and identify theft most likely will never be eliminated. But through awareness, Virginia Tech students do not have to become a victim. Students should develop good habits in using strong passwords, updating operating systems and antivirus software, and using firewalls. Virginia Tech gives its students access to anti-virus software and it should be installed and updated frequently.

Good practices must also include being careful about where you post private information. While offering an opportunity to network, social networking sites offer a unique challenge to privacy. Nothing is ever truly private on the internet and students should be careful when sharing personal information.

Don't Make a Mistake

Virginia Tech’s networks provide fast downloads of media of all types.  However students need to be mindful that downloading copyrighted material is not allowed. Virginia Tech policies are clear with regards to illegal downloads. The Division of Student Affairs has dedicated a page to common questions about computer misuse and copyright violations.


  • Use strong passwords
  • Use antivirus software
  • Use care when opening attachments
  • Be careful clicking unsolicited links
  • Never reply to any message of email that asks for your PID, password, account information, or anything else that would be considered sensitive
  • Never share your password with anyone
  • Stay current on awareness issues and take opportunities to receive security training


Changing your Account Recovery Options

Account recovery options are essential in the case that your account is compromised (or if you forget your password).

Resetting your VT Account Password

If you forgot your password, there are steps you can follow to reset it.

Changing your VT Gmail Password

In order to change your Virginia Tech Gmail password, you must follow steps through your VT account.

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