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Virginia Tech’s IT systems allow members of the faculty and staff to work productively. Through the use of its computers and networks, faculty and staff gain access to the information and applications needed to carry out the work of the university. Much of the information is sensitive in nature and great care should be used when handling sensitive data. Every faculty and staff member has an obligation to do their part in protecting the sensitive information and IT systems of Virginia Tech.

Faculty and staff need to maintain an awareness of cyber security issues, follow Virginia Tech IT polices, and take special care in handling sensitive information. Information Technology security is not a onetime occurrence. It is an ongoing process and faculty and staff members can help by keeping their operating systems and firewalls up to date. Virginia Tech gives access to antivirus software to its staff and faulty.


  • Use strong passwords
  • Use antivirus software
  • Use care when opening attachments
  • Be careful clicking unsolicited links
  • Never reply to any message of email that asks for your PID, password, account information, or anything else that would be considered sensitive
  • Never share your password with anyone
  • Stay current on awareness issues and take opportunities to receive security training

Cyber Awareness

Awareness remains one of the most effective methods of keeping your data, your computer, and even your IT systems safe.  Each person has a duty to maintain an awareness of potential threats and safe practices while computing. Learn more about cyber security issues. more info


Finding and protecting sensitive data can be challenging. FIND_SSNs is a tool developed to help discover sensitive data on systems. Find_SSNs searches for U.S. social security and credit card numbers. It may help individuals and organizations find sensitive numbers in files on computers. more info

Dealing with Cybersecurity Incidents and Data Disclosures

Whenever Virginia Tech is notified of a (potential) data exposure, specific steps should take place to work with university officials to determine a course of action to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.  more info

Policies and Standards

Virginia Tech has many Policies and Standards related to IT.

Surplusing Equipment

Properly surplusing computers and electronic storage devices helps protect Virginia Tech data from being exposed. Learn more about how to properly surplus your equipment. more info

Changing your Account Recovery Options

Account recovery options are essential in the case that your account is compromised (or if you forget your password).

Resetting your VT Account Password

If you forgot your password, there are steps you can follow to reset it.

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