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Application Reviews

The Security Office performs application security reviews for commercial and homegrown applications in use at Virginia Tech. An application security review is a process designed to identify strengths and weaknesses of applications that are involved in business processes at the university. more info

Web Application Scanning

The Security Office provides custom scanning for web applications. A web application scan is a specific type of vulnerability scan that is designed to address common threats to web applications.

Vulnerability Scanning

The IT Security office offers customized vulnerability scanning for departments.  Vulnerability scans are designed to identify potential vulnerabilities and security problems with operating systems, application software, and network configurations.

IT Security Reviews

The Virginia Tech IT Security Office conducts IT security reviews throughout the university.  Security reviews are a service offered by our office to help departments discover potential cyber problems that could result in improper data disclosures, illegal usage, and potential problems that weaken IT systems. more info

Awareness Training

The Virginia Tech IT Security Office provides training throughout the campus.  Training topics cover subjects from cyber security awareness issues to the latest techniques being used to compromise IT systems. more info

Rights Management Services

The complexity of Virginia Tech’s IT systems offers a special security challenge to those who manage them. Virginia Tech’s IT professionals are charged with helping the student population as well as the faculty and staff. IT Professions constantly need to keep current on system vulnerabilities to know how to keep system assets and data secure. more info

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