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Recommended Windows 10 Privacy Settings

The launch of Windows 10 has resulted in some electronic privacy concerns. ITSO recommends some general privacy settings for users who routinely work with sensitive data and also as a good baseline for all Windows 10 users.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Protecting sensitive data is an important issue at Virginia Tech. It is imperative to be aware of what types of data you handle and if it is sensitive. Once found, it is just as important to take steps to protect it. Virginia Tech has many policies and standards in place dealing with and protecting sensitive data. It is our shared responsibility to do what we can to protect sensitive information.


Finding and protecting sensitive data can be challenging. FIND_SSNs is a tool developed to help discover sensitive data on systems. Find_SSNs searches for U.S. social security and credit card numbers. It may help individuals and organizations find sensitive numbers in files on computers. more info

Using VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is an open source encryption solution that is easy to use and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It can be obtained by visiting and can be a useful tool to help protect Virginia Tech data.

Educause Security Guide

The Information Security Guide is a compendium of information providing guidance on effective approaches to the application of information security at institutions of higher education. more info

Encrypting Office Documents

Microsoft Office has a built in feature allowing users to easily encrypt documents. This is available for versions 2007 and newer.

Policies and Standards

Virginia Tech has many Policies and Standards related to IT.

Securing Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies such as tablets, smartphones, Google Glass, etc. have become useful tools to help carry out many of the computing task previously handled by desktop and laptop computers. Users must realize that mobile technologies need to be treated as any other computer resource. more info

Identity Finder

The IT Security Office strongly encourages faculty and staff can download the Windows or Mac version of Identity Finder at This is an important step to identity information that needs to be protected.

Cyber Awareness

Awareness remains one of the most effective methods of keeping your data, your computer, and even your IT systems safe.  Each person has a duty to maintain an awareness of potential threats and safe practices while computing. Learn more about cyber security issues. more info

Surplusing Equipment

Properly surplusing computers and electronic storage devices helps protect Virginia Tech data from being exposed. Learn more about how to properly surplus your equipment. more info

IT Risk Assessment

A resilient enterprise has the capacity to overcome disruptions and the ability to continually adapt to an ever-shifting range of threats and vulnerabilities. Especially in the realm of IT resources, more protection is continually required.

Dealing with Cybersecurity Incidents and Data Disclosures

Whenever Virginia Tech is notified of a (potential) data exposure, specific steps should take place to work with university officials to determine a course of action to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.  more info

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