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Security Issues Blog

  • Account Lockout - Has Time Passed it By?

    When I first got into the cybersecurity arena, I read all the books that I could find on the subject. There weren’t many back then in 1991. A number of the books dealt with securing Unix systems and they all had a section on Account Lockouts.

  • Account Sharing – What’s the Real Purpose?

    MHO, items listed in a IT security, data security or IT acceptable use policy must be enforceable. The “stick” might be another organizational policy, local, state, or federal laws. If a policy item isn’t enforceable, then the policy is worthless.

  • Are We Hampered by Insecure Software?

    Well, it’s that time of the year when EDU IT staff recover from the initial “school’s back in session” marathon. Now, we get to evaluate vendor software offerings for a wide range of IT services ranging from remote desktop support, data encryption to physical surveillance.

  • Banning P2P? Can you say Antitrust?

    I decided to take a break from cyber geek stuff and spend a little time talking about the RIAA/MPAA’s efforts to cure the illegal movie/music downloads by forcing sites to ban P2P or they’ll get sued.

  • Security and the Business Practice

    We’re often asked to provide an opinion on the security of a software product. We do a preliminary analysis of the software for common software vulnerabilities and hopefully, we don’t find any. However, there have been cases when we do find one.

IT Security Office Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide technology tools and services, education, awareness, and guidance necessary to all Virginia Tech users to work towards a safe and secure information technology environment for teaching and learning, research, outreach, and the conduct of university business.